2012-2013 Catalog 
    Apr 27, 2018  
2012-2013 Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

English - Literature, BA

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Students who enter the College fall semester 2011 or later must fulfill Rhetorica Program requirements for graduation. Click here to view the Rhetorica Program and requirement information .

Area I

Area II

Humanities/Fine Arts (18 semester hours)

  •  Foreign Language Sequence 6 hours

Area III

Science, Mathematics and Technology (14-15 semester hours)

Area IV

Area V

Courses related to the Program of Study (37 semester hours)

Additional Lower Division Required Courses in the Major (6 semester hours)

Select Two Coures Not Taken in Area II*

Upper Division Required Courses in the Major (16 semester hours)

Upper Division Elective in the Major (15 semester hours)

Select five additional 3000-4000 level English courses. With departmental approval, one of these five courses may be ENGL 3950 or ENGL 3951 (academic credit earned for an internship). Students wishing to pursue this option must receive departmental approval as well as follow the college’s application process for internships. Only an internship deemed equivalent to three hours of academic credit can be used as an upper-level elective in the major.  


Area VI

Additional Requirements (26-27 semester hours)

  • General Electives 24-25 hours
  • Physically Active Life Skills (PALS) 2 hours 2 

Total Hours for Graduation: 120 hours


1  Computer proficiency may be demonstrated through examination

2 A maximum of two PALS (Physically Active Life Skills) courses may be used as general electives.